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Hymns & Friends


This project is a celebration of songs that transcend generations. I learned many of them while growing up in a small church in the rural South, where the congregation was comprised mostly of dear brothers and sisters in the later stages of life. The creation of these recordings, however, grew out of the years I spent leading music at an Anglican church plant in urban Washington, DC. I have heard 20-something young professionals and retired grandparents sing these songs with equal love and enthusiasm.

The hymns on this album also transcend musical styles. Their basic components—text, melody, and harmony—are so well built that they can be led by choirs and pipe organs or by guitars, bass, and drums. When sung in the Spirit’s power, they can shake the walls of cathedrals or bring a living room full of people to a foot-stomping crescendo.

Added to this collection of great hymns, you will find two songs I co-wrote with my friend Bruce Benedict. Think of these as understudies—humble little songs that are shadowing and striving to learn from some of the best congregational pieces ever written.

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